• Beatnik Studio (map)
  • 723 S St.
  • Sacramento
  • United States

Get your Zin grin on at ZAP’s 2nd Annual Beatnik Studios Tasting

zap glasses cheering.PNG

Come join Day Zinfandel at Zinfandel Stories: Springtime in Sacramento! This distinctive walk‐around tasting arranges 25 wineries from all over California. Winemakers will be on‐hand to tell their stories, as they share their wines with you. While you are there, check out the Zinfandel videos and make plans to visit the nearby wineries you discover. Event located at Beatnik Studio, downtown Sacramento.

Food purveyors to include:
• Bella Familia Pizza will serve creations made by hand—from their organic hand-made dough recipe to the local ingredients on every pizza—it’s a perfect pairing! Sold separately.