Estate Vineyard

Napa Valley

Ehren planted Zinfandel on our St. Helena Estate in 2011. 

Volcanic Soil




Excellent Soil

When Ehren took over this property in 2004, an apple orchard graced the hillside.  In 2011, he put Zinfandel vines to root, and now we are beginning to see the efforts of this dry-farmed, organic, naturally grown vineyard come to fruition. The soil is mostly volcanic, iron-rich and ideal for adapting grapevines that yield intense wines.  We can't wait to see what these vines can do in 20 years!


Abundant Sunshine

Don't let the 30 inches of rain per year fool you, this steeply sloped site absorbs sunshine like no other.  Northern St. Helena is known for its intense, hot days in the summertime, often peaking in the high-90s and low 100s, before dipping back into the 50s and 60s at night.  This creates a wonderful ebb and flow of warmth that allows our grapes to ripen gently and fully.




1300 vines on 4 acres - that's a lot to farm!  Each vine essentially acts as a unique vineyard system, and requires the attention and care of a dedicated team.  Under Ehren's leadership, the squad has nurtured these vines from infancy in 2011 to their current state of production - almost an entire ton in 2015!  The vines are farmed organically, without irrigation or additions of any kind.  All the nurturing occurs vine by vine.